Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Google nexus 7 (2012) vs. ipod touch 4th gen.

Are you confused between these two devices ? Which is worth spending more ?
Well if you don't have a smartphone you might want the ipod touch but otherwise just go with the nexus 7. It has much higher capabilities except for the camera. But if you care much for portability, ipod touch will be more useful.
Lets look the winner in each case
Well nexus 7 is new and ipod touch is 1 and half year old, so definately nexus 7 is more cooler device. But still lets see more... 1. Gaming: nexus 7
2. Display: both are great, ipod touch will have more ppi.
3. Performance: both perform tasks nicely, nexus 7 has a better cpu.
4. OS: android 4.1 vs. ios ..... Depends upon you. If you have one of these, try the other one. But truthfully, we like jelly bean much more for its awesome features and openness and UI.
5. Apps: ios has more apps but as nexus 7 is a tablet, you would find tablet apps with more productivity.
6. Smoothness: jelly bean is a smoothness upgrade over ics, it is as smooth as ios.
7. Camera: nexus 7 has only front camera while ipod has both.
8. Web browsing: nexus 7. Tablets always are better for web browsing.
9. Storage: ipod touch has 32 gb version also, nexus 7 only in 8 or 16 gb variant.
10. Features and customisation: nexus 7 wins.


  1. You're comparing apples to oranges. Better to compare the Samsung Galaxy Player to the iPod touch

  2. yeah i like comparing totally different things just because they are at same price

  3. Google kicks ass!